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Hiking in Drexel Woods is relaxing and inspirational.  The basic trail system was laid out by Professor Peter Wood of Trenton State College (now the College of NJ).  Peter is a long-time nature enthusiast and active member of Friends of the Lawrence Greenway.

Over the years, we have been very fortunate to have many volunteers and groups assist in the creation of boardwalks, trail markers and bird houses and nests as well as the ongoing maintenance of the trails.


During the Summer and Fall of 2020, Nick Bosted and Hakim Hachicha gave the trails, the meadow and the surrounding area of the house some much needed care and maintenance.  Their work included weeding and planting, repairs to the boardwalks and trail marker improvements.  Their work also included the creation of areas for pollinators.  Our butterfly garden needed a tremendous amount of work as well.  And thanks to Nick and Hakim, we now have a Pollinator Hotel.


Remember to practice hiking safety. Always tell someone where you are going, bring a friend, wear tall socks and long pants, spray bug repellent on pants and shoes, wash clothes and wash legs with soap and water after your hike.

Red Trail

The Red trail is a short access trail that takes hikers from Fernwood Lane straight to the White Trail. Approximately 1/4 mile.

White Trail

The White trail is popular because it connects from Meadowbrook Ave all the way to the Lawrence Nature Center. It runs parallel to Drexel Ave. The trail has a long section of boardwalks, which elevate hikers out of the mud. Be careful to walk slowly if the boardwalks are wet. Approximately 1/2 mile.

Blue Trail

The Blue trail showcases the beauty of Drexel Woods. Hikers will pass through an amazing variety of natural scenes. Going from the Lawrence Nature Center down to the Shabakunk Creek, hikers will walk along the old property line which is demarcated by large oak trees and a farm dike. Then the trail turns to follow along the bank of the Shabakunk Creek. There are many good places to stop and reflect along the stream. Then the Blue trail turns back into the forest and takes hikers all the way back to the White trail. Bring boots and be careful if there is mud. Approximately 3/4 mile.

Yellow Trail

The Yellow trail is a recent addition to Drexel woods. It is a shortcut that connects the White and Blue trails. Approximately 1/4 mile.

Green Trail

The Green trail is a fun hike that is parallel to the LNC meadow. Hikers walk along the row of White Pine trees, which is iconic to the nature center. White Pines are a favorite tree of owls and other birds of prey. The branches make a good perch from which the birds can spot prey and then swoop down into the meadow. Approximately 1/4 mile.

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