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Maidenhead Meadows


The Maidenhead Meadows segment of the LHT travels through the 345-acre park, Lawrence Townships largest parcel. The segment begins on the south side of Princeton Pike across from Foxcroft Drive at a small parking area. The trail continues south along a large open meadow for 0.3 mile before entering a wooded area. The trail follows a primary trail / carriage road through the woods for another 0.5 miles as it winds south-west and returns to another small parking area on Princeton Pike across from the Maher Ecological Center. To continue along the LHT, the current route heads south on Princeton Pike for 0.6 miles to Meadow Road. Turn east on Meadow Road to the end at the Brearley House. From the Brearley House, a spur trail heads east for 0.35 miles to connect with the D & R Canal. The LHT continues south from the Brearley House, crosses open meadows, enters the corporate office campus and intersects with Lenox Drive. Turn west on Lenox Drive to Princeton Pike.

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